Tournament Rules

Tournament Rules 2017-18

1. All the tournaments will be held at the Cosmo-TNGF Golf Course.

2. A fee of Rs. 400.00 for single round tournament and Rs. 500/- for two round tournament per golfer in respect of Indian Members and Rs.800.00 and Rs.1, 000.00 in respect of Foreign Members will be charged. In the case of members taking part only in one round in a two round tournament the fee applicable for two rounds will be charged.

3. The Tournaments including the Open Tournaments are open to:

  • a) Members of the Federation.
  • b) Members of the Cosmopolitan Club paying golf subscription.
  • c) Members of the Cosmopolitan Golf Annexe paying golf subscription
  • d) Members of clubs affiliated to the Federation (Tournament fee to be paid)
  • e) Dependent members of above categories paying golf subscription
  • .

4. If a Golfer (he/she) fails to turn-up after registering his name for a tournament, a ‘no show fee’ of Rs.750/- will be charged (over and above the tournament fee) per tournament for the first two instances and a serious note will be taken by the committee for subsequent transgression. However golfers can cancel their entry before the draw is made i.e. by 12 noon, on the Thursday preceding the tournament. Cancellation thereafter will attract payment of penalty. In the case of two day tournament, the penalty of Rs. 750/- will be charged even the member (he/she) fail to turn up on the second day unless he has intimated his intention on completion of the 1st day Tournament.

5. Golfers with valid handicap can only take part in the tournaments.

6. Junior Members will be allowed to take part in the tournament only if their Handicap is 18 or less.

7. for all individual handicap tournaments there will be Three divisions are as follows: -

  • Gold Division : For Golfers up to Handicap 12.
  • Silver Division: For Golfers with handicap 13 to 18.
  • Bronze Division: For Golfers with Handicap 19 and above. However maximum Handicap is restricted to 22 for Gents and 25 for Ladies.

8. Two Rolling Trophies one for ‘Golfer of the Year’ and the other for ‘Rookie of the year’ have been introduced from the tournament year 2012-13. The eligibility for the above two awards would be based on all individual tournaments played in the tournament Calendar Year. The first 4 positions in each tournament will be considered and points in the order of 4,3,2,1 respectively will be awarded. The golfer who accumulate maximum point will be the Winner of the “Golfer of the Year”. The “Rookie of the Year” would be similar, but restricted to those who have obtained their first handicap in the three years preceding the tournament year in question. The tournament conducted concurrently with main tournaments will not be included for calculating points for award of Golfer of the Year and Rookie of the Year awards.

9. Entries for tournament can be made in the register kept at the TNGF office or can be given over phone Nos + 91 44 24359687 and + 91 44 24356098 or can be sent by e-mail Golfers should specify their handicap home club and the preferred session of play while giving entry. Entries will close at 6 p.m.on Wednesday preceding the tournament and the draw will be put up on Thursday. Entries received after the cut of date will be placed on waiting list and adjusted against cancellation, if any. Incase the entries are more than 108, the tournament committee will consider holding the tournament in two sessions i.e., in the morning and afternoon the same day. When the tournament is held in two sessions, the Members playing in sessions other than the designated session will be given the prime slot and will have priority over others playing round. Therefore slot booking for Saturday will be taken on Thursday when ever a tournament is scheduled for Saturday. If the entries are less than 108, then the tournament will be held at the designated session.

10. The tournament in which there is an open category, golfers will be drawn as per their handicap index on the first day and on gross score of the first day for the 2nd day. For all other tournaments, golfers can register as a two ball i.e. with their preferred golfer to play in the tournament. The tournament committee will draw them along with another two golfers at random. The Tee off groups, Tee Box and Tee off time will be purely on random basis.

11. Tees for tournaments.

  • (a) Men - Blue
  • (b) Ladies - Red
  • (c) Senior Citizen above 65 years. - White – (optional)

12. Senior citizen members Teeing off from white Tee will not be eligible for the main tournament prizes. However they will be eligible for a special prize.

13. Members will be responsible to calculate their course Handicap based on the course slope rating and Tee they are using. If any Golfer found using incorrect Handicap they will be disqualified.

14. A Golfer will be eligible for one prize only in one tournament even if he/she is eligible for prizes in other tournament/s played concurrently.

15. Any ties will be decided on the basis of better final round, last 9 holes, last 6 holes etc.

16. Any change in the tournament schedule will be put up on the Notice Board and the Website of TNGF.

17. In all club sponsored tournaments, the sponsors will be allowed to display limited branding as permitted by the Federation.

18. The sponsors of the tournament will be given one preferred slot and they can nominate any person with valid H/C to play in that slot. The person so nominated will not be eligible for any prize.

19. All par 3 holes will be call through holes for all tournaments.

20. Members above 65 years only will be permitted to use buggy in the tournament including open tournaments. Any ineligible member found travelling in a buggy during tournament will be disqualified and will not be allowed to continue. No medical certificate will be accepted.

21. All Members are requested to Co-operate and follow tournament rules and rules of the Golf. The Marshalls have been instructed to ensure the pace of the game is followed.

22. The Prize distribution for all the tournaments will be organized twice in a year.

23. On all matters the decision of the tournament committee will be final and binding.

Rules For Knockout Tournaments 2017-18

1. The maximum handicap allowed for Senior Cup will be 14, even if a player's handicap changes to a higher figure during the currency of the tournament.

2. In the case of Junior Cup, if a player’s handicap becomes less than 15 he shall be eligible only for the lower handicap. The maximum handicap allowed will be 22 or actual, whichever is less.

3. For Sadhya Cup the actual handicap for a team shall be calculated based on the individual handicap of the team members on the board. The team’s handicap will be 50% of the combined handicap subject to a maximum of 18.

4. The strokes to be given will be the full difference of handicap obtaining on the day of the match, subject to conditions in (1) to (3) above.

5. All matches shall be played on the day and time specified in the draw. However, matches can be played earlier by mutual consent. The Federation will in no way responsible if matches to be played by mutual agreement did not take place.

6. If a match is not completed before the designated day and time by mutual consent one of the two will be declared winner. If both players/teams do not report, then both players/teams will be scratched.

7. If a match cannot be played on the appointed date due to unforeseen circumstances such as weather conditions, closure of course etc. the Tournament Committee will intimate a new schedule and it will be binding on all members.

8. If a match cannot be played on the specified date and time due to unforeseen circumstances by the concerned member, both the concerned players/teams approach the Tournament Committee together requesting extension of time to complete the match. The Tournament Committee may, at its discretion, accept such request and extend the time for completion of the match to a specific date by which date the match shall be completed. The extension of time will be given only under extraordinary circumstances. The tournament Committee however will take no responsibility in coordinating between the players/teams for the exact timing of the match and it is for the players/teams to fix the timing and finish the match before the extended date. In case the match is not completed even by the extended date both the concerned players/teams will be scratched and no further extension will be granted.

9. All matches will be over 18 holes and start from the 1st tee box as per the draw. Matches played earlier shall be started from the 1st tee box or by mutual consent from the 9th tee box. In case of a tied match, the result shall be decided by sudden death play-off starting from the same tee box from which the match started. The higher handicapped player/team shall be eligible for strokes during play off also.

10. Members playing tournament will have priority over all other groups. The starters and Marshalls have been instructed to same ensure the same is followed.

11. The result of every match played shall be conveyed to the Tournament Committee through the TNGF Office.

12. On all matters not specifically covered in these rules and on disputes, the decision of the Tournament Committee shall be final.